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VR Therapy used to treat Chronic Pain and other Cognitive Disorders

In an article posted on APA PsychNet, sponsored by the American Psychological Association, [research} "suggest that virtual reality distraction is a highly effective [form of] pain intervention." The article concludes, "Clinicians may wish to consider virtual reality distraction as a promising treatment choice for patients who suffer from pain."

Another article posted on the Geriatric Psychology website claims that research using Virtual Reality Cognitive Training (VRTC) produces positive results for patients at high risk of experiencing cognitive decline. "The cognitive domains of attention, executive function, and memory (visual and verbal) showed the most consistent improvements. The positive effects on psychological outcomes were significant reductions in depressive symptoms and anxiety, as well as improved use of memory strategy. Follow-up studies demonstrated long-term improvements in cognitive and psychological outcomes, and the intervention groups showed a plateau effect of cognitive functioning compared with the cognitive decline experienced by control groups. VRCT were moderately effective in long-term improvement of cognition for those at high risk of cognitive decline." 

The DreamWeaVR Experience is committed to bringing the best in Virtual Reality to you. Discover VR beyond Imagination with the HTC Vive. Powered by Valve's SteamVR. Experience the new reality, in the comfort and safety of your home or business.
Virtual Reality is here, and it's not just video games
No longer the theme of movies and novels, the ability to immerse yourself into virtual worlds has become reality. VR is revolutionizing how we experience our world, and it is for everyone.

VR isn't just a new way to play video games It's a new way to see the world. Travel to any place, during any time you desire, and the DreamWeaVR Experience can take you there.
Bringing  the Best in Virtual Reality to You
Utilizing the most advance technologies in Virtual Reality available today, discover Virtual Reality beyond imagination with the HTC Vive, powered by Valve's SteamVR content library.  From the comfort and safety of your home or office.

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The DreamWeaVR Experience will be offering, to the public, FREE demonstrations of the best Virtual Reality available today. Please check back soon for a schedule of free demonstrations.

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Experience the New Reality!

Using the powerful immersive capabilities of the HTC Vive, powered by STEAM VR, the DreamWeaVR Experience brings to your home or office experiences that you'l love with the best VR content available today.

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