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Benefits of VR
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  1. Virtual Reality Pain Reduction
    Pain research using fMRI brain scans show significant reductions in pain-related brain activity during SnowWorld in healthy volunteers getting thermal pain stimulations (NeuroReport; see also Anesthesia and Analgesia).
  2. Improving Quality of Life for Seniors
    The men and women of the retirement community have gone deep sea diving, out to jazz clubs and even inside some of the most famous paintings in the world, all courtesy of virtual reality.
  3. Virtual Reality helps home-bound seniors enjoy the outdoors
    Virtual Environments can improve quality of life for persons who are confined indoors due to physical, mental or weather conditions. Distracting seniors through fun activities is among the most effective solutions for managing depression within the senior facilities.

New Research Shows Health Benefits From Using Virtual Reality

A new research study, conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney's School of Information Technologies, reveals that VR games can provide considerable exertion, even though they may not have been explicitly designed as ‘exergames’.

"Virtual reality games have the potential to make exercise feel fun, engaging and relatively easy."


Our Philosophy

We believe in the therapuetic benefits of Virtual Reality, and we wish to help bring to the people who need it the most.

Virtual Reality Experiences provided by The DreamWeaVR Experience are not intended as medical therapy or treatment. They are designed to support well-being by promoting mental acuity and physical fitness in a way that is engaging and inspiring.

The DreamWeaVR Experience is an entertainment company, not a licensed medical practioning company, and thus makes no guarnatee that provided services will produce positive medical results.
Virtual Reality Is For People Of All Ages
Watch this video on how seniors react when they first experience virtual reality using the HTC Vive.
*Explicit Language Warning*

  1. Seniors at first are unsure about using VR.
    "Do I put this thing on my face?" “Standing up? I don't know if I can.” “I think this is going to be strange and different.”
  2. Seniors are amazed by the VR Experience
    “This is so cool. I really love it.” “This is fun. It's not just for kids, it's for everyone.” “It's Unbelievable. It's really fun. It's very expansive”
  3. Seniors mostly positive about VR Experience
    “I almost fell into thinking it was reality.” “Wow! It literally took my breath away” “It's like you're there, you are there. It's so real.”