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Deluxe Audio Strap - NEW
RivVR Wirelss Adapter
Now in Use.
Coming in 2018
The DreamWeaVR Experience has adopted the VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap, since June of 2017. This enhancement to the head mounted display features a dial in the back that makes it a cinch to switch the headset between Vive users. Comfort padding and improved weight distribution ensure optimal experiences while wearing the headset.
The DreamWeaVR Experience will be adopting nVidia's Wireless Adapter for VR as soon as it comes to market in 2018. This enhancement will make wearing, and moving about with the Vive more relaxed and enjoyable.

* A WiFi internet connection is required.

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Get Details
VR helping Seniors with Cognitive Decline
 Coming Soon: Google Headset
"Activities like hiking and birdwatching can bolster the cognitive abilities, but getting out and about is often too difficult for aging adults. Virtual reality can offer cognitive stimulation inside a senior's bedroom -- no travel required."

"Virtual reality can encourage seniors to get a little exercise and engage their cognitive faculties."

Google announcing plans to launch new standalone wireless headsets with companies like HTC and Lenovo. Since these are standalone headsets, they won’t require a smartphone or PC, or external tracking equipment. The DreamWeaVR Experience will keep you updated.

Reddit Article: Vive enriches life of 67 year old
Read this Reddit posting here by a 67-year-old man, suffering from a mild case of cerebral palsy and has a  “moderate short-term memory impairment” who uses the HTC Vive daily and claims that it has had physical benefits for him only playing 30 minutes a day while having fun.


Senior Living Facility Using VR as Part of Wellness Plan
In Bladenboro, North Carolina the caregivers at West Bladen Assisted Living have begun using Virtual Reality as part of the wellness program for their residents. They showcase that VR can give seniors renewed sense of freedom through virtual mobility, a way to alleviate boredom during winter months and that it may even have some therapeutic benefits.
Be an innovator like West Bladen in your community and let The DreamWeaVR Experience bring this game-changing technology to your residents.


VR Let Terminal Patients Cross Off Bucket List

A patient with terminal illness is granted their wish to swim in the Great Barrier Reef using virtual reality. St Luke's hospice, in Great Britain, wants to help people with terminal illnesses make experiencing their dreams a reality,by putting together a grant to get funding for a virtual reality headset which could help to fulfil some of the bucket list items many of their staff so often hear about from their patients.

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